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 Hibari Kyōya

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Hibari Kyoya


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Abilities and WeaponsEdit Abilities and Weapons sectionEdit
Vongola Cloud Hedgehog
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In the Future, Hibari has become far more adept at using Rings; opening Cloud attribute Box weapon's with Cloud Rings, although he usually shatter's them after one use, due to the intensity of his flames. His signature Box weapons are his Cloud hedgehogs and are often used to fight opponents he deems as weak. And on occasion when fights opponents he deems as strong he uses his Cloud tonfa's.

The current as well as younger Hibari however is not as adept at using the Rings but continues to learn none the less, which eventually leads him to be adept at using them in the Future. The younger Hibari has also shown to be capable of emitting a massive Dying Will Flame with the Cloud Vongola Ring; his capacity to create a powerful Dying Will Flame is due to his resolve; his "irritation" for others.
EquipmentEdit Equipment sectionEdit

* Tonfas - Hibari's tonfa seem to be his main weapon for combat. Latter it is revealed that they hold hidden compartments, the ends of the tonfa's release chain's, possessing an appearance and purpose resembling a ball and chain; the side of the tonfa's can also parts lift up, giving them a spiked appearance.

Hibari's Cambio Forma
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* Cloud Hedgehog - In the Future Hibari's, Cloud Attribute Box Weapon's release; Cloud Hedgehog's. When opened they fly at fast speeds towards his opponents. He often will use them when he fight's opponents he deems as weak. In contrast to ones he deems as strong, which he then will instead use his Cloud Tonfa's. Due to the Cloud flame ability of Propagation, he can increase the size of his Hedgehogs to large proportions, when they take in his flames.
* Vongola Cloud Hedgehog - Hibari's original Cloud Hedgehog "Roll", is latter remade into his Vongola Cloud hedgehog. It now appears as a Hedgehog with larger, but fewer, spikes than the other Cloud Hedgehogs.
* Roll (Version X) - Roll takes his initial appearance (as he appeared before as a Cloud Hedgehog), although with jewel on both his forehead and chest. He is now capable of merging directly with Hibari for his Cambio Forma.
* Cambio Forma: Alaude's Handcuffs - Hibari's Cambio Forma takes the form of a pair of black Handcuffs with a row of spikes circling, on each end. He can multiply the sheer number of Handcuff's, by using the Cloud flames, attribute of Propagation , which he can do so by feeding his Cloud flames into the handcuff's. These Handcuffs then envelope an opponent, acting as restraints (they appear as handcuff's; in various sizes' they increase in their proportions to occumidate the opponents' body). Hibari can then dramatically decrease the size of the restraints, crushing his opponent on all sides of their shape and body. In its Version X form the Cambio Forma this is tonfa, Hibari gaining a pair of modified tonfa's on each arm and a trench coat.
* Bracelet of the Clouds Version X: The upgraded Vongola Cloud Ring combined with Hibari's Vongola Box animal Roll.

TechniquesEdit Techniques sectionEdit

* Cloud Flame Radar - He uses his Ring's Flames as a radar by thinly spreading the Flame over a wide area and using the vibrations to detect anything that enters the area. This allows him to counter illusions by using it to sense where the actual object is, as seen in his battle against Genkishi's Spettrale Nudibranchia .
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Hibari Kyōya
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